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Inscrutable Sand Of Kaihalulu Red Beach

Kaihalulu Red BeachRedBeach or Kaihalulu Beach is one of the most astonishing places on the Earth, which one should for sure visit in a lifetime. This great leisure and relaxation place is located on the island of Maui (Hawaii, USA). However, the beauty of this place is not open for everybody, as the beach is not public is not therefore adapted for a family holiday, but it is for sure one of the most wonderful and breath-taking places! Alike reveal of red colour it is possible to find only in fantastic Chinese Panjin Beach.

«Kaihalulu» translates from Haiti language as the "sound of the sea." Despite the fact that the bay is protected from the ocean by coastal reef - the sea is really quite noisy here. The bay, and its red sand, was formed a long time ago by the local volcanic eruption of the Cauca. This red sand contains a large number of common rust. But in spite of this you will not get dirty, therefore do not worry to dig your feet into this amazing sand and feel yourself as a newly-born child in the very middle of the wild nature. The same feelings one can get while walking in the beach with Barking Sands in Hawaii.



Big Major Spot Beach in Bahamas

Big Major Spot Beach in BahamasToday we are going to Bahamas, the place where one of the most amazing and unusual beach can be found. Bahamas is a small island that is home to feral pigs. Naturally they do not have enemies here; people on the island are also not found, as no settlements are made there, so it is literally a pigs’ paradise. Most interesting is that they love water and have lots of fun wallowing in the warm ocean waters.

Pigs are fed by the Bahamians from neighboring islands and tourists. To see this miracle of nature come a lot of people. You can rent a hotel room on the other island and a boat so that to easily get to the quiet and naturally untouched paradise with clean and very active and fun pigs. There are only few places in the world where communication with animals is possible in such an easy way - unusual Cow Beach in India or glorious Loango National Park in Gabon.


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