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Shining fairy tale of Glass Beach in California

Glass Beach in CaliforniaThis great place is known already across the country and is usually called a new wonder of the world, which was created with the help of the nature and the industrial influence. Beauty of this place impresses not less than unusual sand of Papakolea Beach or mysterious Kelimutu Lakes. Once you get into this place, you will not realize that once originally this place was a local dump.

Glass Beach is an amazing place, everywhere you will look your sight will catch thousands of sparkling stones, shimmering in the light of the bright sun ... The abundance of colors will make you feel like in a fairy tale, though this is not a story of Scheherazade, and not a new or old wonder the modern of the world. It is an amazingly beautiful beach, studded with stones, shimmering and glittering in the sun, like gems. Here you can feel both power of God and human the same as in Artificial Beach Sigayya. This place is located in one of the most interesting places of California, the U.S., the National Park MakKerriher, situated near the town of Fort Bragg. Second such beach is found nowhere on the Earth, and in order to copy such a place one will need dozens of years. Instead of pebbles the beach is covered with polished pieces of colored glass: green, orange, brown, blue and white. Glare glass pebbles glitter under the water and on the shore and with the bright sunshine create a fantastic atmosphere.



Unique Barking Sands in Hawaii

Barking SandsOn the island of Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian archipelago, there is a place with one of the most unique beaches of the world. Presence here is as memorable as visiting wonderful Playa de Galpiyuri  Beach or  majestic Matira Beach. "What is the uniqueness of this place?" - you may ask. In addition to the incredible scenery, this beach literally "barks" and unknowingly at first you might think that the Hawaiian coast is full with a whole pack of dogs.

Though the secret is a little more interesting that you might imagine, the beach sand is full of the special types of quartz grains that have spaces between them. And it is because of them the sand gives out this unusual sound, which is very similar to a barking dog. Besides the beach, there is another feature - it is used as a base for launching military rockets belonging to the United States. So You won't be here so lonely as being in Indian Paradise Beach or visiting picturesque Halong Bay in Vietnam.



Unrealistic nature of Bowling Balls Beach

Bowling Balls BeachAnother pretty amazing place on Earth is located in California, United States of America. The beach here is a perfect place to witness the manifestation of nature and also have some interesting place to spend the sunny day, laying on the sand and swimming in the warm waters of the ocean. The main attraction of the beach called Bowling Beach in California, as you can already guess from the name itself are the huge round stones scattered on the surface. These big stones do resemble gigantic balls for bowling. In some way these stones are similar to huge boulders from Koekohe Beach in New Zealand. These stony balls were washed by the waters for many hundreds of years.

The beach is surrounded by high cliffs, consisting of fairly soft rocks that are eroded by sea, providing it with new "blanks" to make bowling balls. It is pretty interesting to look at this process, long and very hard but going from day to day, it may seem as nature is working every hour and every minute to make these rocks soft and round... The only question that is still left is why? An enigma of Bowling Balls Beach is as insoluble as riddle of Barking Sands in Hawaii or paradox of Australian McKenzie Lake Beach.


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