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Wild and challenging Maya Bay

Maya BayWorldwide fame to this bay, lost in Phi Phi Island in the Indian Ocean, was provided by the director Danny Boyle, as he depicted this great and magnificent place in his blockbuster "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio. The action of the film happens exactly in this place, though let’s not forget about the film, but also see what a great place this Bay actually is. The film tells the story of the commune of people who have found paradise on earth and were living in isolation from the bustle of civilization. Events in the movie, of course, are fictional, but the metaphor of the "paradise" that was given to the Maya Bay was never exaggerated. The same beautiful, virgin and challenging places in the world are no more than a few - Kelimutu Lakes in Indonesia or fantastic Spanish Cabo da Gata Beach.

Magnificent scenery of Maya Bay

Bay on the island of Phi Phi is surrounded by three 100-meter cliffs which create a great filling of the strong nature and its great wonders, making you feel as a miserable human that is just trying to survive in the wonders of the bay. Its white sands run into the dense jungle, and the azure waters hide under magnificent coral reefs. Therefore the place is really picturesque and wild, making it a true pearl of the real nature in the heart of the world. No one artificial resort, even prominent Beach Sigayya or dramatic Crosby Beach, can be compared to wild Maya Bay.