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Popular resort for wealthy people - Las Salinas Beach on Ibiza

Las Salinas Beach on IbizaReputation as the most fashionable beach in the world has long ago been conquered by the Spanish beach located on Ibiza called Las Salinas. From May to October (this season attracts the largest number of tourists) this places becomes a meeting point for the so-called "golden youth" and secular lions and lionesses from different countries. This place is more about the fashion, money and lust rather than sunbathing and swimming, though it can also be quite interesting for a visit!

Here make their special parties the world's best clubs and DJs, dance floor is filled with the artistic bohemia, millionaires, models and celebrities and other very honorable guests. Ibiza is not only the most fashionable, but also the most expensive resort in the world. To rest here to the fullest it is necessary to count on spending at least 200 dollars per day, though this for sure doesn’t include a stay overnight and food, it is just for a few hours of the night life, though the most outgoing can even require at least three times as much. Only few resorts in the world can be compared with Las Salinas Beach on popularity - Malta Golden Bay or Matira Beach in Bora Bora.


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