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Famed in legends boulders from Koekohe Beach

Koekohe Beach in New Zealand"Long ago, the once-powerful gods liked to play different games. The most interesting was the one in which many of the gods could play at the same time... " These are the first words of the legend of the great and magnificent beach Koekohe, located in New Zealand.

Perhaps the game that is mentioned in the legend was a ball game...  And the broken and unneeded ones are now found in the Koekohe beach. These today lie lonely along the line of the coast in the city of Otago in New Zealand, in the place located between settlements of Moeraki and Hampden South Island of New Zealand. There is one more place in the world with huge nature-created bouldres - Bowling Balls Beach in California.
Stone eggs, boulders, spherical boulders - which only words people use to describe these amazing natural features! But these big spherically shaped stones are truly a spectacular view of the beach that is worth your attention.

There are many explanations of their origin that can suit every taste, the choice is huge: game gadget for gods (the one that you have heard at the beginning), long-extinct dinosaur eggs; fragments of ancient UFO of the not earthly civilizations; washed ashore after a shipwreck large sailing canoe remnants of pumpkins and baskets for catching eels.



Dream of all surfers - unredictable Piha Beach

Piha BeachNew Zealandis a country famous for its beaches, laid-back surf culture and natural beauty. Often, this all can be found in one place, for example in the case of the west coast beaches on the basis of the Tasman Sea, 30 km from Auckland – the largest city in the country. Whether it's to swim, surf, or just look into the majestic views, Piha Beach and its surroundings are among the most beautiful in the country. It's nature is even more marvellous than scenery of Matira Beach or picturesque Malta Golden Bay.

 Piha Beach is a beautiful black sand beach located on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Its proximity to Auckland ensures that Piha Beach is always packed, especially in the summer season, attracting tourists and locl people. In addition to tourists, there is a small local community in the side of the Piha Beach of less than a thousand people. Community consists mainly of the people who rent their apartments to tourists or who own rental shops and small cafes. Piha Beach is often considered the most popular beach in New Zealand, and is famous for three things: Lion Rock, surfing and Piha Rescue.



Natural spa for visitors of Hot Water Beach in New Zealand

Hot Water Beach in New ZealandAs we have already experienced on our own skin, New Zealand is an amazing place with most unusual beaches. Today we are going to add one more amazing swimming and relaxation place that can be found in New Zealand. Rest here can be as memorable as subathing in Mission Beach or relaxation in Disappearing Beach Chandipur. Therefore be ready to be amused and feel the magic atmosphere of New Zealand. The talk in this article will go about the Warm Waters Beach.

People come here with a shovel and a bucket to dig for themselves in the sand a personalized bath or a simple whole as you may say. It may sound funny, but this is the main attraction of the beach and soon you will know why!

At 175 kilometers from Auckland in Australia there is a unique place - a beach with hot water. Unlike Glass Beach or Sigayya Beach unusual resort in New Zealand is fully created by nature. Anyone who visits here by accident, are very surprised of the view that opens up here: people with buckets and shovels dig holes, as if hoping to find here some long-hidden treasure. But do not be surprised, this is not some crazy flash mob, but there is really a treasure here and the most natural one. The secret is that under the beach there flows a thermal river and therefore during the low tide you can easily get to this hot spring. That is why people come here to dig the pit, so that everyone can make a personal spa for oneself.