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Singular and amazing Champagne Beach

Champagne Beach

Champagne Beach is one of the most attractive places in the world, and is for sure a place worth the visit if you are the lover of everything unusual and picturesque. This beach is located in a country of Vanuatu, that is not yet that popular among tourists, as Matira Beach in Bora Bora or Barking Sands in Hawaii. But this is more of a disadvantage for all those who didn’t hear about Champagne Beach, as the country with its beaches is simply amazing!

Unique foaming water and perfect sand

The most known place in Vanuatu is the Champagne Beach. This beach is called "Champagne Beach," because water there is seething like champagne when it reaches the coast. This may be quite usual, but believe me, this effect you haven’t seen anywhere else on Earth, even in charming Malta Golden Bay or incredible McKenzie Lake Beach. The secret for this wonder is quite common, seething effect is produced by the gas that is released by the volcanic rocks on the sea floor and thus it seethes once it reaches the oxygen at the coast.