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Perfect infrastructure of Malta Golden Bay

Malta Golden BayAnother great beach that we would like to present to you is the magnificent and very unusual place of Malta. The name of the beach is Golden Bay, which speaks for itself, as the sand at this place is colored in a very precious color of gold. Even though you might have seen yellow sands on the other beaches, but this great and beautiful color you have seen nowhere else on earth, even in famous Las Salinas Beach or picturesque Beach Punta Cana.

Comfortable beach for undistrubed rest

GoldenBayis located on the west coast. It is a beautiful sandy cove between two headlands. The infrastructure on the beach is pretty well-developed, therefore do not expect a very quite enjoyment of the amazing place, as the usual beach attractions are also found here. On the beach you can buy sunbeds, umbrellas and other beach relaxing accessories. But if you look for sequestered spot in a wild beach more suitable places for vacation will be Cabo de Gata Beach in Spain or Maya Bay in Thailand.