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Mysterious Kelimutu Lakes with colored water

Kelimutu Lakes in Indonesia

Today we are going to visit one of the most mysterious and amazing places on Earth, these are the Kelimutu Lakes near the volcano in Indonesia. These lakes are known all over the world because of their interesting origin and also amazing legend of the different colored water there. There are many resorts with uncommon colored sand like Kaihalulu Red Beach or Papakolea Beach. But no other place in the world has so unusual water.

Powerful volcano and colored lakes

Kelimutu volcano is located in Indonesia on the island of Flores. Its height is 1639 meters. The last eruption was in 1968, therefore you can stay calm and not worry that the volcano will erupt during your visit to this picturesque place. If you want to see both active and safe volcano, artificial one can be found in Beach Sigayya. Kelimutu volcano is included in the "Ring of Fire" of volcanoes encircling the Pacific Ocean. In the collapsed vertexes of the volcano, they are also called calderas, were formed amazing three colored lakes Kelimutu. These lakes have the depth of 1650 meters, the same as the depth of the volcano. The colorful lakes are also seen from the height of the helicopter while flying over the island of Flores. They especially stand out against the background of lush green lake, painted in a bright turquoise color. Waters of these lakes have the red and green colors. But this is not the only feature of these unique volcanic lakes.