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Disappearing Beach Chandipur

Beach ChandipurToday for another amazing and very unusual beach we are going to India. There is a place in India where the nature itself is ready to reveal its secrets and offer you an amazing place and experience. Oris beach in India having its own name Beach Chandipur is a truly amazing place, which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. This place of rest is also unlike other Indian resorts - Paradise Beach of Maharashtra or Cow Beach. Chandipur beach is there, but at the same time it is not, even though this might sound pretty absurd, but it is the most appropriate description of this beach. The thing is that twice a day, the beach on the Bay of Bengal disappears under water. And at low tide you can easily walk on the sea floor, collecting crabs and sea shells …

Amazing place for relaxing vocation

Chandipur is a small, humble village not far from the Oris. It is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. On the Chandipur beach there are only a few hotels, a few restaurants and shops where they sell souvenirs. Just 2 km from Chandipur is a fishing village, where you can buy freshly caught fish or just watch the fishermen go to sea. During low tide, the beach Chandipur stretches as much as for almost 5 km from the coastal line and reminds with it's beauty fantastic Piha Beach and marvelous Cabo de Gata Beach. Chandipur has a smooth entry into the water, making it convenient for families with children, and a small number of tourists, who decided to have a quiet and relaxing vacation.



Unforgettable Paradise Beach of Maharashtra

Paradise Beach of MaharashtraOne of the most beautiful beaches that one can met traveling on a scooter in Goa of India is Paradise Beach. Actually, this beach has no relation to Goa, since it is located to the north of it in the neighboring state of Maharashtra.

Wonderful place for lovers of freedom

It's a five-kilometer almost deserted Beach during spring and autumn (during summer season the tourists are quite popular here) that lives up to its name in solitude and great views. Sea, palm trees, and coastal small yellow-white sand will provide you with the amazing rest to the mind and body. The place is definitely worthwhile, especially for lovers of freedom and privacy. Recreation here can be as unforgettable as vacation in miraculous Playa de Galpiyuri Beach or calm rest in picturesque Cabo de Gata Beach.



Uncommon Cow Beach in India

Cow Beach in IndiaThe unique and somewhat contrary to the other beaches of the world that you may visit is the Indian beach known as Cow Beach. This beach can be considered as another haven for animals. At this place the sacred animals for Hindus – cows, can feel full masters of the space as well as pigs in Big Major Spot Beach or penguin in Stunning Boulders Beach. Despite the fact that the sanitary conditions there are far from perfect, it still does not stop people to rest next to the cattle.

Swimming together with cows

Cows freely walk around the place and enjoy their rest on the sun and in the water. The local people are fully prepared for such view and feel themselves free and very happy to be able to share the relaxing time with the most sacred animal. Though for tourists such a place can be shocking. Not every person, especially hygiene-conscious person can feel himself comfortable to swim in the waters right beside the cows; even though local people care about them and for sure try to keep their cattle healthy and clean, free from any diseases. If You look for calm beach with perfect sand, transparent water and great service, Mission Beach or Las Salinas Beach could be better choice.