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Ancient fossils on Jurassic Coast, UK

Jurassic Coast, UKThe Jurassic Coast is a 150-kilomtere coastline in the south of England that is a unique place for all the lovers of history and geologists. This great coast landscape reflects 185 million years of geology and includes all three periods of the Mesozoic - Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. On this beach you can find different fossils of sea creatures, dating as much as tens or hundreds of millions of years ago. The picture of this unique historic landmark is also completed by the scattered around shell fragments from Roman times. Jurassic Coast is the first site in the UK, which was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We can truly understand why, as this place should be protected. It is impossible to compare particular aura of this place with energetics of popular resorts like Mission Beach or Punta Cana. Now scientists continue to find here the remains of dinosaurs, marine reptiles, ammonites’ cemeteries.

The location of the Jurassic coast is pretty easily accessible. Journey here won't be so challenging as way to Maya Bay or majestic Playa de Galpiyuri Beach. Jurassic coast can be find in the Okrombe Rocks area to the west of the Devon Styudlend Bay and Poole in West Dorset. This protected area in prehistoric times, namely, in the Mesozoic Era, was inhabited by about 100 species of dinosaurs. Such an accumulation of animals can be explained by the fact that this area is really geographically-advantageous position of the British Isles - between the two continents (Eurasia and North America) perfect for the survival of different species. According to scientists, this is where dinosaurs lived on both sides of the Atlantic. Some types of dinosaurs lived here are Megalosaur, Ksenposeydon, Iguanadon, Eotirannus, Tsetiozavr and other. 



Iron men from Crosby beach in England

Beach Crosby in EnglandThe beach Crosby located in England is a place of a modern landscape installation, which features one hundred of iron sculptures tall as a human and weighting about 650 kilograms each. Antony Gormley created and installed on the beach of Crosby, that can be found to the north of Liverpool, England in the year 2006. Now this unusual place looks as magnificent as natural miracles - Maya Bay or colored lakes Kelimutu.

The composition in the beach consists of 100 cast-iron figures facing towards the sea. They are located on a long coastal line with the length 3.2 kilometers (2 miles). The height of each statue is 189 cm, thus making the place look like a real-life real-human art installation. The statues were made from iron in steel mills of Halifax and West Bromwich. When the sea level becomes higher the statues, some partially, some completely immerse into the sea. The artistic installation of the beach Crosby has a name “Another Place” and by its uniqueness attracts lots of tourists, though, as you can imagine, swimming here is forbidden. So if You look for calm rest in a sandy beach, Barking Sands in Hawaii or Hot Water Beach in New Zealand can be better choice.