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Hidden in a cave Puerto Valeyard Beach

Puerto Valeyard Beach in MexicoIn our common understanding, the beach is the place where you can get a lot of sun and freely sunbath while laying on the sands, enjoying the noise of waves somewhere near you. Such peaces of paradise with perfect sand and warm water tourists can find in Matira Beach and Champagne Beach. While this is the common and most widespread definition of the beach, there are some truly unusual beaches in the world, and today to visit another amazing place we are going to Mexico!

Astonishing beach in a cavern

The most unusual beach so far we have found in Mexico, near the town of Puerto Valeyard, the Marietas Islands. The beach is very hard to see even from the air, because it is located in a cave, which has an oval hole in the top, like the opening of the stadium. It may seem quite hard to imagine and even more unusual to swim in the waters and lay on the sand of this beach, but it is a truly great place to spend you summer vacation.



Impressive waterfalls of Plitvice (Plitvicka) Lakes

PlitviPlitvice (Plitvicka) Lakescka Lakes (cr. Plitvička jezera) is a national park in Croatia, situated in the central part of the country, in the County of Lika-Senj (90.7%) and Karlovac (9.3%). There are only few places in the earth with soo virgin nature, like magnificent Maya Bay or unforgettable Cabo de Gata beach. The water of the river Koran, flowing through the limestone over thousands of years have brought travertine barriers. From these natural wonders and actions were created the natural dams which in turn have led to the creation of a series of amazing lakes, waterfalls and caves.

Untouched natural balance

The name "Plitvice Lakes" was first recorded by the priest from Otočac Vukasovichem Dominic in 1777. April 8, 1949 Plitvice Lakes received a National Park status, and since 1979, the National Park Plitvice Lakes is included in the "World Heritage" list by UNESCO.

Prior to 1958, the park was not available for the tourists. In 1958, Josip Movchan, director of the park, began the construction of pedestrian paths, and now in addition to the wide network of routes decks are clean trains, the park offers some routes on ferries and pleasure boats on electricity. In the lakes of the park it is strictly forbidden to swim and even picnic, make fires, or to come with dogs. This is due to the strict order preservation of the natural balance, which for many years stood for the local ecology.



Princess Juliana Airport and Maho Beach - holiday destination for fans of extreme

Princess Juliana Airport and Maho BeachAirport of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin is located so close to the beach Maho that the planes that enter the gate, fly just a few meters above the heads of holidaymakers. People here can feel the greatest and most unusual extreme in their lives, which is not comparable to active rest in resorts for divers or surfers like Matira Beach or Piha Beach. However, tourists who want to relax here during the sunny afternoon cannot be found anywhere as the beach Maho gathers only real lovers of extreme sports, wanting to experience in the hard way what it is - to feel the power of a jet engine of Jumbo Jet. For them even the daily schedule of the arrivals and takes-off is posted on the board on the beach.

Popular resort for esteemers of aircrafts

Maho Beach is located on the Dutch side of the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. If you prefer calm rest in natural environment, Loango National Park or Plitvice Lakes will be the best choice for vocation. But if you're a fan of airplanes and beach holidays - this is the place where you should go. Right next to the beach is Maho Princess Juliana International Airport. Due to the small size of the island the take-off line is very limited, and aircraft have to land almost on the border with the sea, flying over the beach on the minimal possible height, and therefore providing the greatest excitement to the tourists and visitors of the beach.