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The longest in the world Coxs Bazar Beach

Coxs Bazar Beach


Contrary to popular belief that the biggest beaches are on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, not unique Barking Sands in Hawaii or famous Matira Beach in Bora Bora have the title of the "longest beach" of the world. This rank belongs to the Bangladeshi Coxs Bazar. This fact is documented by the "Guinness World Records", therefore be sure that this information is true and objective!

Unforgettable sunsets in Coxs Bazar Beach

The beach stretches for 120 kilometers along the coast from the city of Chittagong to the border with Myanmar. One of the major local attractions is to sight the sunset, while laying on the warm sands. Every night hundreds of tourists are lined up along the beach and watch the wonder, fascinated by the solar disk at first slowly sinking into the sea, and then abruptly disappearing below the horizon, as if dissolving into the blue waters. Such unforgettable performance is inapproachable for visitors of human-made resorts like Beach Sigayya or Crosby beach.