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Dream of each tourist - Mission Beach in Queensland

Mission Beach in Queensland,Mission Beach is a peaceful coastal town situated between the cities of Cairns and Townsville on the coast of Queensland. Bathed by the cobalt blue waters of the Coral Sea, in Mission Beach you can find a magnificent golden beaches stretching over 14 km. Sand here is as perfect as in famous Malta Golden Bay or picturesque Dominican Beach Punta Cana. There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mission Beach - Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforest. Thanks to them in these areas is created a natural environment that is not found anywhere else on the planet. The acquaintance with Mission Beach starts with the Great Barrier Reef and nearby islands of Dunk, Bedarra and Hinchinbrook. In Mission Beach one can find the ultimate adventure and at the same time a great relaxing tropical getaway. Rest here can be as challenging and unpredictable as recreation on the landscapes of fantastic Maya Bay or Plitvice Lakes. Though what we want to talk about first of all, is the unique Mission Beach.

Unusual crabs-made art

Mission Beach is a unique place that during the day can seem as a pretty normal and one of the common beaches that are met all over the world, like Las Salinas Beach or Matira Beach. But the main interesting thing about Mission Beach is actually what happens here during the night. When the night comes this place is a true dictatorship of crabs. This can be seen early in the morning, as the whole area of the coast is covered with the sand balls. Before bare feet of tourists destroy this interesting wonder one can witness a very unusual thing, as truly each and every centimeter of the coast is covered with these sand balls, making you actually stumble for a moment before stepping on those. Though do not worry, each and every morning crabs inhabiting this beach will continue their amazing act of creating sand balls. 



Purity of McKenzie Lake Beach

McKenzie Lake Beach

Lake McKenzie is located on the island of Fraser, at an altitude of 100 meters above the sea level and is one of the most beautiful and famous freshwater lakes in Australia. Height of the lake makes it inaccessible to ground water to fill it, so that the only sources of water for this lake are the atmospheric precipitations. McKenzie Lake is as popular among tourists as mysterious Kelimutu lakes or Plitvice Lakes with unforgettable waterfalls.

Beach with silicon sand

The beach at this place is also very unique and interesting. It was artificially tailored to be able to host tourists and locals, and to offer them a great place of rest and relaxation. Lake McKenzie is a unique environment, as a high level of acidity and the absolute purity make it unsuitable for living to the species of freshwater organisms. Sand around the lake is pure silicon, which created this unique natural white beach. Beauty of this place delights as much as enchantment of amazing Champagne Beach or charm of Paradise Beach of Maharashtra.