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Dignified arches on Praia de Augas Santas

Praia de Augas SantasAbout 10 kilometers from the Spanish city of Ribadeo (in the autonomous community of Galicia) is a unique place Praia de Augas Santas (translated from the local language as the Holy Water Beach), which became known among tourists as Playa de Las Catedrales (Cathedral Beach). This place is interesting because of its natural arches of the Gothic form in height reaching even more than 30 meters, which become visible in all its glory only during low tide. Coastal rocks under the influence of salt water and the wind turned to the magnificent monuments with numerous recesses and labyrinths, among which love to wander photographers, selecting the most successful shots. Arches in Praia de Augas Santaslook as tremendous as famous islands in Halong Bay or legendary huge boulders from Koekohe Beach.

These amazing and solid arches were formed by nature during a long term of time and water currents. Once you get to this place you can think that these arches were made by people or are because of the distraction of some old buildings previously located here, but it is not the case here. In fact  Praia de Augas Santas is quite different from human-made resorts like comfortable Sigayya Beach or shining Glass Beach. Unique arches create the atmosphere of the mystery around this place. Standing under one of these arches you feel yourself as a tiny little person among the stone giants that are clashed together in a fight!

Praia de Augas Santas

Exciting walk around majestic arches

Even though the arches are quite old, it is said that they are safe for the walk around. Even though the construction of arches is thoroughly checked from time to time it is till recommended for people to rely on their own cautiousness, as anything can happen, and one should not underestimate the strength of the nature.

The place is quite easily accessible for a great number of tourists wishing to visit this amazingly beautiful place. It is located in the Ribadeo municipality, in more details it can be said that it lays in the province of Lugo (in Galicia district).

Unforgettable swiming over huge stones

As such a wonder cannot be found everywhere on Earth, the local people made everything to make this place special and unique and also to preserve it for the generations to come. Currently it is a Natural Monument, this was proclaimed by the regional Ministry for protection and safety of the Environment of the Galicia region.

As the arches are best seen during the low tide, it is also a great place during high tide. Even though during this time the beach appears a little too small, but in turn it is still suitable to go for swimming. Once you get into the water be careful not to hurt yourself on the rocks. Of course swiming here is not so safe as rest in Hot Water Beach or diving in Beach Punta Cana. But the feeling is just amazing; you will experience a great sense of swimming over a majestic historical place, like swimming above the sunk or lost in water collapsed cathedral.

Tremendous guardian of the place

During low tide you can also get to the other interesting place in this area - the sand deposit that is separated by a rocky wall that appears right before you, made out of slate and schist. It appears as the great protector of the place, covering the hidden treasure, stretching for more than 30-meters in its height. Once you get past the guardian of the place you will find yourself in another majestic place that has a number of caves, cliffs, stone arches and sand corridors and many other curiosities. If the low tide of the waters is lower than usual, you can also have a great walk through the caves and stone arches, accessing the nearby beaches, which are not that easily found during the rising tide. Impressions from this place will be as strong as feelings after visiting Barking Sands or fantastic Kaihalulu Red Beach.

Here at one of the more distant beaches you can have a great relaxing and more over calm rest on the sand listening to the water sounds near your legs. But be careful and make sure to leave the place before the tide, as it may catch you quite quickly, closing the normal exit routes.