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The longest in the world Coxs Bazar Beach

Coxs Bazar Beach


Contrary to popular belief that the biggest beaches are on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, not unique Barking Sands in Hawaii or famous Matira Beach in Bora Bora have the title of the "longest beach" of the world. This rank belongs to the Bangladeshi Coxs Bazar. This fact is documented by the "Guinness World Records", therefore be sure that this information is true and objective!

Unforgettable sunsets in Coxs Bazar Beach

The beach stretches for 120 kilometers along the coast from the city of Chittagong to the border with Myanmar. One of the major local attractions is to sight the sunset, while laying on the warm sands. Every night hundreds of tourists are lined up along the beach and watch the wonder, fascinated by the solar disk at first slowly sinking into the sea, and then abruptly disappearing below the horizon, as if dissolving into the blue waters. Such unforgettable performance is inapproachable for visitors of human-made resorts like Beach Sigayya or Crosby beach.

Coxs Bazar Beach

Strict rules for women

Cox's Bazar is the longest natural beach in the world (in 2009 this beach was shortlisted in the competition of the "New Seven Wonders of Nature"). Even though this may sound pretty trivial, but the fact that it was naturally created is a truly magnificent one. At the same time Cox's Bazar is not so unpredictable and virgin as Plitvice Lakes or Maya Bay.

The nature created this beach with the length of about 125 kilometers, fully available and accessible to the public. Cox's Bazar beach is an extremely popular holiday destination in Bangladesh, but foreign tourism is still very poorly developed - primarily because of poor infrastructure and because of religious restrictions - women are not recommended to stay there naked in bathing suits. This causes lots of torubles and also lot’s of discomfort to the travelers and people wanting to swim in the waters and then sunbath on the sand of the longest beach of the world. So if you are not got used to such prohibitions during the vacation, Mission Beach or Las Salinas Beach could become more suitable resorts for You.

Marvellous place to sunbath and swim

Though, the beach is a great place even just to see and get some pretty amazing photos from the modern world wonder. In the nearby city there are many Buddhist temples, built for religious purposes by Burmese living here.

Coxs Bazar is the only beach resort and the beach, near the border with Burma. This place has a distinct flavor of the Burmese. Its great beaches and clear sea has no sharks (which in itself is quite rare in these parts of the world), therefore it became a pretty big tourisitc attraction. Though let’s not forget, about what we have said before, the special attention should be given to the local Islamic morality - even modestly clad bathers, especially women, may be punished for too "provocative appearance and nudity," the women should swim in at least trousers.

Small tropical paradise

South of Cox's Bazar has more isolated coast with beaches and Himacheri Inanna. Sep Martin is a small island, only 8 square meters and 10 km to the south-west of the southern coast of the mainland there is a small tropical paradise with white sand beaches, framed by groves of coconut palms and abundant marine life. This is the best place in the country for tanning, clean and peaceful place without even the ubiquitous mosquitoes that are capable of getting to any other place in the country and thus completely ruin the mood even of the most patient travelers. Coxs Bazar Beach is a great place for family vacation as well as Loango National Park in Africa or Spot Beach in Bahamas.