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Hidden in a cave Puerto Valeyard Beach

Puerto Valeyard Beach in MexicoIn our common understanding, the beach is the place where you can get a lot of sun and freely sunbath while laying on the sands, enjoying the noise of waves somewhere near you. Such peaces of paradise with perfect sand and warm water tourists can find in Matira Beach and Champagne Beach. While this is the common and most widespread definition of the beach, there are some truly unusual beaches in the world, and today to visit another amazing place we are going to Mexico!

Astonishing beach in a cavern

The most unusual beach so far we have found in Mexico, near the town of Puerto Valeyard, the Marietas Islands. The beach is very hard to see even from the air, because it is located in a cave, which has an oval hole in the top, like the opening of the stadium. It may seem quite hard to imagine and even more unusual to swim in the waters and lay on the sand of this beach, but it is a truly great place to spend you summer vacation.

Puerto Valeyard Beach in Mexico

Marvelous place for eco-tourism

It is truly a paradise, a unique place, safely hidden from the prying eyes of nature. However the beach is not that easily accessible, it is under the protection of UNESCO, and a Biosphere Reserve. Hunting and fishing in the islands is prohibited, but you can buy an organized tour as the eco-tourism in these places is very popular. Puerto Valeyard Beach is protected by environmentalists as strictly as other natural miracles like Loango National Park or Maya Bay.

Innumerable marine wealth

Underwater World near Marietas Islands is striking for its beauty and diversity. Around the islands can be seen:

  • underwater tunnels;
  • unique caves;
  • rare fish species and marine animals;
  • rare species of corals;
  • giant stingrays;
  • schools of dolphins and sea turtles.

But of course the pearl of the islands is the most unusual in the world of beach, which is quite different from popular resorts Las Salinas Beach or Mission Beach.

Because of its remoteness Puerto Valeyard Beach can be reached only by boat. On all sides the beach is closed by the cliffs and the forest, above the water the arches of the cave are hanging, and directly under the oval hole and you can see the beach.

Town loved by surfers and hippies

Puerto Vallartais a seaside resort town located on the Bay of Banderas (the largest bay on the Pacific coast of Mexico). It is a charming colonial city. Along the coast, inside the rocks because of the water flows were formed lots of tunnels Puerto Escondido - translated from Spanish as a hidden port, the main attractions in Puerto Escondido are beautiful beaches and surfing championship, which is held here. Each year, the city welcomes thousands of surfers. Puerto Escondido is also extremely popular destination for tourists from all over the world and is known for its hippie culture.

Even though the place is protected by UNESCO, it is still possible to swim here and have a great relaxing day on the beach. Animals or sharks won't distrub you as distinct from visitors of Big Major Spot Beach or Cow Beach. Ones you close your eyes and listen to the eco sound of waves in this cave-beach, you can truly feel yourself as a sole grain of sand in this big world with the amazing power of nature around.