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Uncommon Cow Beach in India

Cow Beach in IndiaThe unique and somewhat contrary to the other beaches of the world that you may visit is the Indian beach known as Cow Beach. This beach can be considered as another haven for animals. At this place the sacred animals for Hindus – cows, can feel full masters of the space as well as pigs in Big Major Spot Beach or penguin in Stunning Boulders Beach. Despite the fact that the sanitary conditions there are far from perfect, it still does not stop people to rest next to the cattle.

Swimming together with cows

Cows freely walk around the place and enjoy their rest on the sun and in the water. The local people are fully prepared for such view and feel themselves free and very happy to be able to share the relaxing time with the most sacred animal. Though for tourists such a place can be shocking. Not every person, especially hygiene-conscious person can feel himself comfortable to swim in the waters right beside the cows; even though local people care about them and for sure try to keep their cattle healthy and clean, free from any diseases. If You look for calm beach with perfect sand, transparent water and great service, Mission Beach or Las Salinas Beach could be better choice.


Cow Beach in India

Great chance to get close to Indian culture

This interesting place is located in the Indian state of Goa - the perfect place for independent holiday. No wonder a lot of Europeans choose not just to travel but even to live here, escaping the winter cold at home. The Cow beach is one of the favorite destination places for these people to relax and also feel really close to the local culture and customs. To get to know India better it will be interesting to visit other local resorts: amazing Beach Chandipur or wonderful Beach of Maharashtra.

Perfact beaches for sunbathing and swimming

Goa is located in the middle of the western coast of India. In the north it borders with the state of Maharashtra, in the south and east - Karnataka, and on the west it is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. The length of the state from north to south is 105 km and from west to east as 65 km. Goa population counts 1.4 million people. Mild climate and an even shorter period of monsoon in June and July can offer you a great relaxing time in Goa throughout the year. Cow beach is fully open for public and the cows can be found their all year round.

The best time to travel to Goa is a tropical winter (October-March), when the average temperature ranges from 21 to 32 C. Summers (April-May) can be very hot and humid, and cows therefore try not to stay long at the beach, and the caring owners do not let their cows to get any sun-attacks. However, the coast is transported quite easily.

Rendezvous of the cultures of East and West

Goais called Indian Europe. It is very different from the usual India; there are more European features than Indian in its traditional sense. This is where the cultures of East and West meet. Although many consider it an island in the Indian Ocean, in fact it is just one of the states in India. Moreover, this status, it received a little over 20 years ago, having previously been a Portuguese colony. Golden beaches, warm sea, great weather, and good service make Goa one of the most favorite holiday destinations for Europeans, and Indians themselves love to come here for holiday. Recreation here can be as unforgettable as vacation in Matira Beach or surfing in Beach Punta Cana.

The Cow Beach is freely accessible and is known among the locals; therefore you will have no problems in finding it!

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