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Unforgettable Paradise Beach of Maharashtra

Paradise Beach of MaharashtraOne of the most beautiful beaches that one can met traveling on a scooter in Goa of India is Paradise Beach. Actually, this beach has no relation to Goa, since it is located to the north of it in the neighboring state of Maharashtra.

Wonderful place for lovers of freedom

It's a five-kilometer almost deserted Beach during spring and autumn (during summer season the tourists are quite popular here) that lives up to its name in solitude and great views. Sea, palm trees, and coastal small yellow-white sand will provide you with the amazing rest to the mind and body. The place is definitely worthwhile, especially for lovers of freedom and privacy. Recreation here can be as unforgettable as vacation in miraculous Playa de Galpiyuri Beach or calm rest in picturesque Cabo de Gata Beach.

Paradise Beach of Maharashtra

Easy way to Paradise Beach

To get to the beach you will not need any special skills and equipment. It is easily accessible via scooters and cars unlike famous Maya Bay. Even though you will not find it on your maps, but the locals for sure know about the Paradise Beach, and therefore will be very eager to show you the way, which is not that complicated. You have ride the north side of Goa into the direction of Arambol. And thus after couple of minutes the beach will appear before you as a desolate desert lying many kilometers further with the golden sand. Only the sea, sky and palm trees, no special infrastructure, no annoying tourists, just real freedom and privacy, the real dreamy place for the lovers of the wild beauty. This place is really different from pleasure resorts like Matira Beach or Las Salinas Beach.

Meeting with friendly fishermen

The beauty of the place is also unique because of the local village located right on the western side of the beach. The villagers are hereditary fishermen who have spent the whole life in this place and therefore enjoy the peace and quiet of the sea and the shore. They are not that eager to talk to the tourists during summer, and this is not a wonder, as they are disturbing their lives in a pretty annoying way, but screaming and loudly playing with children, at the same time polluting their inhabitants. They are called Muchee walla.

Even though it may seem that the locals are not that friendly, when you are not disturbing them and do not cause discomfort to their everyday life, they will be more than happy to take you to the fishing and teach you some of the very old, but very successful techniques. Such experience you will not get in other popular Indian resorts - Cow Beach or Beach Chandipur.

Quiet rest far away from civilization

So if you want to come back to the old times, learn to fish with your bare hands, relax from the noisy city life that is filled with pollution and loud sounds of the modern infrastructure, then this place will be a true paradise for you. Beach of Maharashtra is quite different from human-created resorts like Glass Beach or Artificial Beach Sigayya. In this natural place you will be able to spend some pretty quite but at the same time amazing days, that will fill you with joy of simple and trivial things, as well as fill you up with the spirit of the nature.