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Princess Juliana Airport and Maho Beach - holiday destination for fans of extreme

Princess Juliana Airport and Maho BeachAirport of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin is located so close to the beach Maho that the planes that enter the gate, fly just a few meters above the heads of holidaymakers. People here can feel the greatest and most unusual extreme in their lives, which is not comparable to active rest in resorts for divers or surfers like Matira Beach or Piha Beach. However, tourists who want to relax here during the sunny afternoon cannot be found anywhere as the beach Maho gathers only real lovers of extreme sports, wanting to experience in the hard way what it is - to feel the power of a jet engine of Jumbo Jet. For them even the daily schedule of the arrivals and takes-off is posted on the board on the beach.

Popular resort for esteemers of aircrafts

Maho Beach is located on the Dutch side of the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. If you prefer calm rest in natural environment, Loango National Park or Plitvice Lakes will be the best choice for vocation. But if you're a fan of airplanes and beach holidays - this is the place where you should go. Right next to the beach is Maho Princess Juliana International Airport. Due to the small size of the island the take-off line is very limited, and aircraft have to land almost on the border with the sea, flying over the beach on the minimal possible height, and therefore providing the greatest excitement to the tourists and visitors of the beach.

Princess Juliana Airport and Maho Beach

Easy way to get ultimate experience

Imagine the amazing picture where you can see the huge belly of the Boeing 747 in the amazingly close vicinity while lying directly on the beach and sunbathing. The majority of the magazines and touristic sites name this place in their reviews as one of the most surprising, most extreme, most noisy and most dangerous place.

Unique recreation industry

However, if we look at this place from the other side, isn’t it a great and almost one of the kind opportunity to observe the huge aircraft flying over your head so close, that you might even feel that you can touch it with your hand, see it landing could of meters behind you, feel their power and wind, and lifting sand knocking you down. Such unusual experience is not available for visitors of other popular resorts like McKenzie Lake Beach or Las Salinas Beach.Therefore all this has made Maho Beach a favorite destination place for fans of aircrafts and this industry.

That airport and aircraft attract many tourists, and these very tourists have built the local recreation industry. Local bars offer an online broadcast from the cockpits, on special monitors are shown arrival time of certain flights, arrival of the very large aircrafts is announced into the loudspeaker.

Perfect holiday destination for lovers of extreme

The big question that bothers everyone is whether it is legal. Well, it apparently is, as the beach is open for everyone, and all of the people can come to this place. Even though this might sound pretty scary, however the basic security standards were applied also here, though, people are still asked to stay cautious, as no one will take further responsibility if you get hurt because of the strong wind and sand that were taken into the air because of the landing aircraft. So if you have kinds and want some quite rest, this place is not for you! Much better family vocation you will have in Big Major Spot Beach or Malta Golden Bay. Though, Maho Beach might be a great place to spend a 21-st birthday with your friends-lovers-of-the-extreme, isn’t it?