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Big Major Spot Beach in Bahamas

Big Major Spot Beach in BahamasToday we are going to Bahamas, the place where one of the most amazing and unusual beach can be found. Bahamas is a small island that is home to feral pigs. Naturally they do not have enemies here; people on the island are also not found, as no settlements are made there, so it is literally a pigs’ paradise. Most interesting is that they love water and have lots of fun wallowing in the warm ocean waters.

Pigs are fed by the Bahamians from neighboring islands and tourists. To see this miracle of nature come a lot of people. You can rent a hotel room on the other island and a boat so that to easily get to the quiet and naturally untouched paradise with clean and very active and fun pigs. There are only few places in the world where communication with animals is possible in such an easy way - unusual Cow Beach in India or glorious Loango National Park in Gabon.

Big Major Spot Beach in Bahamas

Entertainments with piglets

It is enough to swim close enough to the shore and activity of piglets in this heavens for animals starts.

  • Nimble pigs immediately dive into the water and begin to cut into circles around the boat.
  • They beg for a treat and absolutely not afraid of people.
  • After boat has stranded one of piglets will immediately climbs into the boat and will shamelessly eat all your food supplies.

You will stay without lunch on the beach, but pleasure of piglets feeding will be much the largest. However, pigs here are not aggressive.

How do pigs have a rest?

Two families of brown and pink pigs with piglets live freely on the sandy beach. After having a good time with tourist pigs prefer to take sun and water baths.

  • In the afternoon, when it is hot, they prefer to relax in the shade of the neighboring palms.
  • In the evening they chose to cool in the water.

There are many places with beautiful nature. Even though from the first seconds you might think that there is nothing amazing and special in this beach, but the tourists who come to the island, watch pigs swimming with great interest and amazement. Among these friendly animals one can forget about any troubles and have as marvellous rest as in the most expensive resorts like Artificial Beach in Sigayya or famous Las Salinas Beach in Ibiza. Swimming pigs have already become almost a symbol of the place and the ‘bait’ for a great number of guests of this place. One of the most famous pigs of the island is Babe.

Bebe - hero of island

The morning of the happiest in the world pig begins with a walk on the beach in a small island in the Bahamas. 12-year-old pig named Babe spends majority f the time with the family, but his free time animal likes to share with people. A young pig, once he leaves the forest he finds lots of friends with the locals. His morning starts with the breakfast that consists of a hot dog. In the evening, after a long day, he might even be treated with some beer, as the permanent tourist says.

Piggy beach - particular place to visit

So if you are going to Bahamas, and want to experience a very interesting and unusual summer vacation, then you for sure need to find some time to visit Big Major Spot Beach. Yes, Bahamas and other countries have very many interesting places to visit, but the piggy beach has it's own particular charm. Here You won't find such picturesque landscapes as Halong Beach or glamourous Cabo de Gata Beach have. But atmosphere of the Spot beach is worse to devote one day to sunbathing on the sand with very friendly piggies and swim in the crystal clear waters of the ocean with them.