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Natural spa for visitors of Hot Water Beach in New Zealand

Hot Water Beach in New ZealandAs we have already experienced on our own skin, New Zealand is an amazing place with most unusual beaches. Today we are going to add one more amazing swimming and relaxation place that can be found in New Zealand. Rest here can be as memorable as subathing in Mission Beach or relaxation in Disappearing Beach Chandipur. Therefore be ready to be amused and feel the magic atmosphere of New Zealand. The talk in this article will go about the Warm Waters Beach.

People come here with a shovel and a bucket to dig for themselves in the sand a personalized bath or a simple whole as you may say. It may sound funny, but this is the main attraction of the beach and soon you will know why!

At 175 kilometers from Auckland in Australia there is a unique place - a beach with hot water. Unlike Glass Beach or Sigayya Beach unusual resort in New Zealand is fully created by nature. Anyone who visits here by accident, are very surprised of the view that opens up here: people with buckets and shovels dig holes, as if hoping to find here some long-hidden treasure. But do not be surprised, this is not some crazy flash mob, but there is really a treasure here and the most natural one. The secret is that under the beach there flows a thermal river and therefore during the low tide you can easily get to this hot spring. That is why people come here to dig the pit, so that everyone can make a personal spa for oneself.

Hot Water Beach in New Zealand

How to take a bath with hot thermal water?

The hot geothermal water has a crack in the rock deep beneath the sandy beach and it rises to the top, soaking the sand. Over a small patch of the source is located between the boundaries of high and low water, so it's hidden under the ocean all the time, except for the 3-4-hour intervals during the actual ebb. The water temperature is very high, about 64 ° C, but gradually mixing with the surf of the ocean and cooling down in the air, it is quite comfortable and relaxingly warm after couple of minutes. If tourists prefer to swim in colder water, there are other places to visit in New Zealand - enigmatic Koekohe Beach and amazing Piha Beach.

Hot spot for travelers

Keep in mind that the shovels and pails should not necessarily be taken along to the vacation (for the average tourist, it looks rather difficult and uncomfortable), and can be rented in a small shop, located near the beach. Just do not expect that at Hot Water Beach you can be alone with your beloved one - the place is very popular among travelers. Annually this natural wonder in New Zealand attracts about 130,000 people.

Unforgettable impressions from natural spa center

The number may seem quite high, but it is just a perfect occasion to experience a real natural spa on your own skin. As after couple of minutes in such a warm-watered pool made by yourself you can easily run and cool yourself down in the waters of the ocean, feeling like energy is flowing through your veins and your skin becomes soft and smooth to touch! This experience is quite different from impressions of visiting other popular resosts like Matira Beach or Punta Cana Beach.

So if you are the lover of the active and at the same time relaxing vacation, this place will be just perfect for you! This beach is also pretty easily accessible, therefore you will find it in no time, and get a place for your own small spa center.