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Picturesque nature of Halong Bay

Halong BayHalongBay is one of the most popular places in the whole Vietnam. In 1994 it was declared a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. By the vote that was done on the basis of the world, which was held last year, Halong Bay was recognized as one of the natural wonders of the world. A visit here will impress You as much as tour to untouched Piha Beach or marvellous Cabo de Gata Beach.

Place where the dragon descended into the sea

There is a legend that the islands, which are located near the bay were once precious stones, which spat out the dragons who came to the aid of the Vietnamese who fought against Chinese invaders. Dragons spit stones to Chinese courts, and the stones, turning to the island, smashed the Chinese invaders ships to smithereens. After the victory of the Vietnamese dragons wanted to stay in these places. Mother dragon of the family decided to settle in the bay, which has since been called the Halong. The name of which translated from the Vietnamese that means "where the dragon descended into the sea."  Similar picturesque landscapes, which remind about lives of ancient dinosaurs, can be seen in Jurassic Coast or Koekohe Beach.

Islands with different spirits

Here is the largest island of Cat Ba, which is translated from Vietnamese as the "Island of Women." Its area is about 285 square kilometers. The island is a tourist complex and a national park. On another island - Tuanchau is the former residence of the leader of the Vietnamese revolution, Ho Chi Minh.

Halong BaySome of the islands are limestone caves, inside which there is a lake. One of the caves - "Drum Cave," is known for a strong wind which creates an acoustic effect that resembles a roll of drums. It is also known for "The Cave of wonder", which stands out for its multi-colored lights. Halong Bay is not the only place where nature speak to people in particular way. Barking Sands in Hawaii also give out unusual sound.

HalongBay(viet. Vịnh Hạ Long) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam in Quang Ninh province, a popular tourist destination. In more details the bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea. Administratively the island belongs to the city Halong Bay, Cam Pha and county Vandon (Vân Đồn).

Moere than 3000 islands to be discovered

 Bay includes more than 3,000 islands, and small rocks, cliffs and caves. Its area is about 1,500 square kilometers. Both terrestrial and underwater world is characterized by high biodiversity. Most civilized island in the Bay can truly be considered Tuanchau. Right here is the former residence of Ho Chi Minh. Furthermore it is expected that a resort will be constructed on the island resort. Cat Ba - the largest island in Halong Bay. About half of the island in 1986 was declared a national park. The island has many lakes, waterfalls and caves, coastal coral reefs. The well-known caves in Halong Bay are grotto Bonanno, Maiden and Heavenly Palace. Only a few other resorts in the Earth, like Puerto Valeyard Beach or Plitvice Lakes, have alike caves and majestic nature.

Majestic landscapes of Halong Bay

Climate here is tropical and humid, with two seasons: hot, humid summers and dry cold winters. Average temperature is about 15 to 25 ° C. The annual rainfall is 2000-2200 mm. Salinity of the water in the bay is 31-34,5 ‰ in the dry season. About 1600 people live in floating houses in four fishing villages. Despite Halong Bay is unlike most of other popular resorts, such as Mission Beach in Australia or Las Salinas Beach on Ibiza, this place is a true majestic. This particular place can amaze any picky tourist with its great landscapes and stunning nature sites.