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Bloody Panjin Red Beach

Panjin Red BeachAnother unusual place of the ecotourism is China. The most unusual sea and the bay is located here that has a name Red Beach. The area of the Red Beach covers over 20 square kilometers and is found in the province of Liaoning. Only a portion of the park is open for tourists due to the fact that it is a rare ecological place, with lots of reeds and algae, as well as a habitat for rare species of birds, including the red-crowned crane. This  place is in stark contrast with other popular resorts: Artificial Beach Sigayya in Japane or popular Matira Beach in Bora Bora.

Amazing Red Beach is located in the Liaohe River Delta, about 30 kilometers to the south-west of the city of Panjin in China. Where does the name of the beach comes from is very easy to guess just by looking at the numerous photos, simply type it into the search engine, and you will see amazingly beautiful pictures. Let us provide you some of the more details about this interesting and unique place.

Panjin Red Beach

Flaming red weed

Beach has a red color because of the special type of sea weed that reproduces in the coastal soil in contact with the salt. These weeds begin to grow in April and May, and during the summer are of the green color. It may be very similar to the algae in the Yellow Sea, with the sea and the beach also painted in green because of the special seaweeds. But the nature of these weeds is quite different in comparison to the other places. Similar rave of unusual colours can be found only in few places in the world - green Papakolea Beach or unrealistic Kaihalulu Red Beach.

Unforgettable vision

In autumn this weed turns flaming red and the beach is more like a place becomes a unique and very picturesque place. It may even seem to be too bloody and at some sort brutal, because of the really bright and strong color of the weeds.

Most of the Red Beach is an enclosed area, not accessible to the public. It is not suitable for active rest as distinct from beautiful Piha Beach or  marvellous Matira Beach. Though in special places especially for tourists there were built special bridges, from which you can watch this riot of red and enjoy the peaceful waters and the flow of the nature. If you are lucky you can also see the rare birds and smaller animals.

Particular place to fill Your soul

Therefore due to this unique feature the province of Liaoning is a very attractive place for numerous people. The beach becomes red in the autumn, when the coastal algae begin to die getting red. Even though there are special places open for tourists, it is still asked to keep it quite while in this place, respecting this place and the magnificent nature manifestations. There are only few places in the world, where you can feel almost physical presence of God  - Panjiin Beach, Cabo de Gata Beach or unrealistic Bowling Balls Beach.

As the place is greatly honored by the local people and authorities, you should also try to be respectful to this place. Even though it is freely allowed to bring camera with yourself and also show this place to your children, still try to be very peaceful and restrained, letting the nature fill your soul.