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Dream of all surfers - unredictable Piha Beach

Piha BeachNew Zealandis a country famous for its beaches, laid-back surf culture and natural beauty. Often, this all can be found in one place, for example in the case of the west coast beaches on the basis of the Tasman Sea, 30 km from Auckland – the largest city in the country. Whether it's to swim, surf, or just look into the majestic views, Piha Beach and its surroundings are among the most beautiful in the country. It's nature is even more marvellous than scenery of Matira Beach or picturesque Malta Golden Bay.

 Piha Beach is a beautiful black sand beach located on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Its proximity to Auckland ensures that Piha Beach is always packed, especially in the summer season, attracting tourists and locl people. In addition to tourists, there is a small local community in the side of the Piha Beach of less than a thousand people. Community consists mainly of the people who rent their apartments to tourists or who own rental shops and small cafes. Piha Beach is often considered the most popular beach in New Zealand, and is famous for three things: Lion Rock, surfing and Piha Rescue.

Piha Beach

Tremendous Lion Rock

Huge and unusual stones can be found in different places - Halong Bay or Praia de Augas Santas. And on the winding road from Auckland to Piha Beach, you will be greeted by a giant rock that resembles the head of a lion with his front paws stretched out over the sea. It's a rock, appropriately named Lion Rock, naturally formed of eroded volcanic activity and that separates the north from the south of the beaches of Piha beach. It became a symbol of the West Coast of New Zealand. Lion Rock has become so symbolic that it was used in the 50 cent, and New Zealand $ 1.50 mark.

Idear place for courageous surfers

If you come to Piha Beach to swim, or even just to see what it really is now known as a surfers paradise. Piha beach is often the choice of those who like this kind of sport and is eager to hit the waves no matter whether you are a beginner or international sportsman. Piha Surf Beach welcomed the world surfers in various competitions, both national and international, and was also a home to the International Quicksilver Surf Association World Junior Surfing Championship in January 2010. Among surfers this place is even more popular than Beach Punta Cana or Puerto Valeyard Beach.

However, despite its popularity, Piha Beach can often be extremely volatile and unpredictable with its currents. Rescuers here manage to save many lives each year in this eventful beach, so that reality show Piha Rescue was created to capture these moments on national television.

Piha Rescue is the first reality TV show of everyday life of real rescuers. It continues to attract nearly as many people as the beach itself. It can never be poor in events, solely because of the unruly conditions of the beaches. Show also been shown in other countries under the name "Surf Rescue" and "Death Surf".

Calm Kareker beach with untouched natural beauty

Just 5 miles south of Piha beach there is a less famous sister beach: Kareker. In the local maori language it means "Surf". This beach is not as well known as Piha yet it shares many of the same features. For those who prefer a more private, calm beach Kareker is a great alternative. Its view are just as beautiful, and its waves are equally bizarre, but it lacks the crowd, therefore it is just perfect for calm family vacation. Small sand dunes form the entrance to the beach, and the caves were formed from the erosion of the sharp rocks lining the beach. The natural beauty of this beach has been well preserved, mainly because it is more difficult to get here than to Piha. Virgin scenery of this place leaves as strong impressions as wild Maya Bay or calm Beach of Maharashtra.

Both Piha and Kareker are breathtaking beaches, but be careful: the simple pleasures of the beach may make you never want to leave. But these beaches are for sure the must desired place for all surf lovers and holidays-people!