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Precious jewels of Papakolea Beach

Papakolea BeachBeach "Papakolea" also known as the "Green Sand Beach" and the beach "Mahan," is one of the few beaches in the world, which is covered with sand that has an olive – green color. Beach from different angles is covered with cliffs and only one side has an access to the ocean.Papakolea Beach is not nearly as comfortable as Maho Beach or Malta Golden Bay. But green jewels of sand are definitively worth visiting this beautiful place.

Green shade of the sand is reached by the small beryl gemstones that are usually used in jewelry. Chrysolite is a golden-green semi-precious stone, which is also called peridot for the jewelry; it consists of a silicate of magnesium and iron. And depending on the ratio of these two elements the rock can have different shades of green: pistachio, herb, olive, brown, gold, yellow, etc. If you look at the beach from a distance, it appears green, but if you get closer, you will notice that it becomes an olive-gold. These green stones were formed as a result of volcanic activity, as chrysolite inclusions are found in the rocks surrounding this strange beach.

Papakolea Beach

Long way to the Green Sand Beach

Local residents call this place an olivine "Hawaiian diamond." If you want to get here it will be quite troublesome, and not only because of the two hour journey to the hills. Papakolea is a reserve, and if you want to soak up in the sun on a green beach, you have to obtain a permit and pay the certain fee. Taking sand from the beach is strictly prohibited, this is alerted by the signs standing around the beach.

In more details Green Sands Beach  is located in the Gulf of Mahana near South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. Only two beaches in the world can boast such a unique green sand. The second green-sand beach is also located in the U.S. and is called Guam. Like other beaches of Hawaii, such as Black Beach and Red Beach, Green Sands Beach is also of volcanic origin. In many aspects this place is different from another famous Chineese beach - Panjiin

Dangerous place for surfers

It should be noted that the surf in the beach area is strong and scientists forecast that ocean may in 100 or 150 year wash off all the sand. This strong surf is one of the reasons why tourists are not much in a hurry to swim here in the Pacific Ocean. But if you are not afraid or you're lucky and you get to green beach in the calm period, you will be able to fully enjoy and swim in these unique waters. Any way for safe surfing it is possible to find more suitable place - Sigayya Beach in Japan or Puerto Valeyard Beach in Mexico.

Sunbathing on the sand of precious jewels

Green Sand Beach can be called one of the wonders of nature. Only here you can walk, run and sunbath on the sand or stones, which are widely used in the jewelry industry. Therefore you should for sure add this place to your list of ‘Must Visit’ locations together with Hot Water Beach in New Zealand and waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes in Croatia.