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Unrealistic nature of Bowling Balls Beach

Bowling Balls BeachAnother pretty amazing place on Earth is located in California, United States of America. The beach here is a perfect place to witness the manifestation of nature and also have some interesting place to spend the sunny day, laying on the sand and swimming in the warm waters of the ocean. The main attraction of the beach called Bowling Beach in California, as you can already guess from the name itself are the huge round stones scattered on the surface. These big stones do resemble gigantic balls for bowling. In some way these stones are similar to huge boulders from Koekohe Beach in New Zealand. These stony balls were washed by the waters for many hundreds of years.

The beach is surrounded by high cliffs, consisting of fairly soft rocks that are eroded by sea, providing it with new "blanks" to make bowling balls. It is pretty interesting to look at this process, long and very hard but going from day to day, it may seem as nature is working every hour and every minute to make these rocks soft and round... The only question that is still left is why? An enigma of Bowling Balls Beach is as insoluble as riddle of Barking Sands in Hawaii or paradox of Australian McKenzie Lake Beach.

Bowling Balls Beach

Tremendous bowling balls

Huge, round stones on the beach look as if they had been carefully laid out for the bowling giants. This is evidence of the power of nature over time, that undermined the soft sea cliffs around the beach and grinds boulders. It is pretty amazing feeling to walk around these rocks, you feel yourself as a child, discovering the strength and wonders of the nature one more time! Such powerful presence of God you can also feel in magnificent Maya Bay or unforgettable Jurassic Coast.

Place of rest for tired nature

This beach is located in the California coast in the United States and it is pretty easily accessible, therefore you will not experience any problems with getting to this place. These unique stone balls found all over the place are known to geologists as concretions. The place is especially beautiful (including the coast and the beach with bowling balls) at low tide, when you can imagine that the nature is a little tired and is taking a small break, revealing the rocks to see the work done till this moment, and sketching a plan for further work.

The beach is located in the county of Mendocino, known for its unique access to the waters of Pacific coast, redwood forests, wine production, breweries and ... liberal views on cannabis. Internationally known is the local historical "Skunk Train”, connects the city of Fort Bragg and Willits.

Perfect environment for relaxation and surf riding

As we have already mentioned quite a number of beached located in California, Bowling Balls Beach will be added to your list as one of the amazing places in California, where you an spend a dreamy holiday enjoying the sun, soft and warm sand, and great surf. Active rest in Bowling Balls Beach can be as excitive as surfing in unpredictable Piha Beach or wonderful time in Artificial Beach Sigayya. Bowling Balls Beach is one of the most attractive touristic places in this area, therefore be ready to share the beach with others. This amazing place is found just 30 miles south of the Mendocino, the easiest way to get here is via the Highway 1.

Unprecedented natural wonder

Bowling Ball Beach looks like a conceptual and most modern art installation, some people who come here for the first time usually ask about this from the locals, making them laugh and smile. Of course such great place is very unrealistic to be created fully nature, but it is a fact. The balls are about four to five feet in diameter; therefore they are both beautiful and quite dangerous. If you are the one travelling with kids, be sure that they are always at your sight, because playing around or on these rocks can be pretty dangerous.