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Purity of McKenzie Lake Beach

McKenzie Lake Beach

Lake McKenzie is located on the island of Fraser, at an altitude of 100 meters above the sea level and is one of the most beautiful and famous freshwater lakes in Australia. Height of the lake makes it inaccessible to ground water to fill it, so that the only sources of water for this lake are the atmospheric precipitations. McKenzie Lake is as popular among tourists as mysterious Kelimutu lakes or Plitvice Lakes with unforgettable waterfalls.

Beach with silicon sand

The beach at this place is also very unique and interesting. It was artificially tailored to be able to host tourists and locals, and to offer them a great place of rest and relaxation. Lake McKenzie is a unique environment, as a high level of acidity and the absolute purity make it unsuitable for living to the species of freshwater organisms. Sand around the lake is pure silicon, which created this unique natural white beach. Beauty of this place delights as much as enchantment of amazing Champagne Beach or charm of Paradise Beach of Maharashtra.

McKenzie Lake Beach

Paradox of McKenzie Lake

Paradoxically, though the attractiveness of the lake as a resort threatens its future "sterility" and cleanness. The fact is that in ordinary lakes there are micro-and macro-organisms involved in cleaning the water from contamination. In McKenzie there are none, so even a tiny specks of foreign "chemicals" can lead to a skewed "biological balance" of the lake, to be exact, it is the absence of the biological balance. Such a "contamination" may be even: sunscreens, cosmetics, lotions, deodorants and other "household chemicals" and its remnants, which are washed away from the bodies of swimmers, and then are added to the water in the lake. As this water has nowhere to go - not into the lake drains, recycling and cleaning of which also no one deals with, so therefore everything gradually builds up in the water layer, which in the near future can be make from the azure surface of this unique and pure lake just a muddy slush. Any way now McKenzie Lake is absolutely natural place which is quite different from human-made resorts like Glass Beach in California or Artificial Beach Sigayya in Japan.

Incredible purity of water

Lake McKenzie is a unique and beautiful piece of nature, located on Fraser Island in Australia. Surprisingly it is considered as the cleanest area of water on the planet. However, now the water in the McKenzie clean and the beach is snowy-white and this place is just a paradise for relaxation. 

Lake McKenzie is located at the Fraser Island, though as one might think, it is not that easily accessible, however, if you have determined to yourself to visit this place, be sure that the trip will be totally worth it! Here you won't find restaurants, hotels or drinking-houses which are very popular in Malta Golden Bay or Las Salinas Beach on Ibiza. All movement on the island can only be done on the jeeps on the directions (not the roads) that were done by the timber trucks back in the days when the island was the place for logging. The main road on the island of Fraser is the long beach the length of which is 75 miles.