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Perfect infrastructure of Malta Golden Bay

Malta Golden BayAnother great beach that we would like to present to you is the magnificent and very unusual place of Malta. The name of the beach is Golden Bay, which speaks for itself, as the sand at this place is colored in a very precious color of gold. Even though you might have seen yellow sands on the other beaches, but this great and beautiful color you have seen nowhere else on earth, even in famous Las Salinas Beach or picturesque Beach Punta Cana.

Comfortable beach for undistrubed rest

GoldenBayis located on the west coast. It is a beautiful sandy cove between two headlands. The infrastructure on the beach is pretty well-developed, therefore do not expect a very quite enjoyment of the amazing place, as the usual beach attractions are also found here. On the beach you can buy sunbeds, umbrellas and other beach relaxing accessories. But if you look for sequestered spot in a wild beach more suitable places for vacation will be Cabo de Gata Beach in Spain or Maya Bay in Thailand.

Malta Golden Bay

All facilities for tourists

For the convenience of the tourists there is also couple of kiosks with snacks and drinks, cafes, restaurants. And for the lovers of the active sports one can find the rental of water skis, windsurfing, canoeing, sea bikes, scooters, parachute jumping, "banana" riding and other. Near the beach there are also some of the best hotels of Malta, therefore you can arrange a pretty full-complex rest and relaxation at this amazing beach.

Unforgettable charm of Golden Bay

Bay "Golden Bay" is one of the most beautiful places in Malta, even though filled with people. Even though our previous details may have drawn a pretty big picture in your mind, but do not be mistaken Golden Bay is a pretty small sandy beach surrounded by spectacular cliffs, on top of one of you can still see a watch tower that was built back in the 17th century.

However, the magnificent historic place is also very loved by local modern young people. The area near the harbor is a traditional gathering place of Maltese bikers on Sundays. If you have a thirst for adventure, Golden Bay will be right place of rest. Other great resorts for adventure-seekers are: unique Maho Beach and unredictable Piha Beach. Therefore if you want a quite rest, avoid these places on the weekends.

Splendid beach for active people

Extraordinarily beautiful is Golden Bay in April, when the sea bushes are blooming with fragrant mimosa. During summer the beach in Golden Bay is a popular vacation spot. Vacationers usually stay at the tent city with food and drinks located not that far from the Bay.

Despite its size, Golden Bayisthe largest sandy beach of Malta, located in the north-west coast of the island. But the longest in the world Coxs Bazar Beach or Barking Sands in Hawaii, of course, have larger area. Any way if you want an amazing holiday, which would be filled with people and active attractions, then Malta will be just perfect for you!