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Stunning Boulders Beach: penguin, Table Mountain and perfect service

Boulders BeachWhom did you not expect to see during a visit to the African country, its penguins. In Big Major Spot Beach you can meet pigs, Cow Beach is considered as the haven for cows, but beach with penguins is impossible to find anywhere else. A huge population of these funny birds is settled on Boulders Beach near Cape Town, the capital of the country. Penguins at Boulders Beach appeared in late 1982. Amazingly, but at first here lived only two breeding pairs. For a few years penguin population has increased by almost a thousand times, and today there are more than 3,000 individuals. Not the least role to help this was played by the elimination of the located near factories involved in the supply of sardines and anchovies, which are the main menu items in the diet of penguins.

Rules of conduct with penguin

Today Boulders beach is very popular with tourists. In this case, it is forbidden to approach the birds closer than a few meters. And it is not a wonder, local people has made very big efforts to keep the birds here, and therefore any interference of humans, even with no bad intentions can harm the species and the penguins. However, the penguins themselves are now pretty calm even near humans and not fear approaching them themselves. Such environment is not possible to find even in very expensive and popular resorts like Mission Beach or Malta Golden Bay.

Boulders Beach

Marvelous Cape Town

The Boulders Beach is located not far from Cape Town. Cape Town is city that is not only the most beautiful, picturesque and popular tourist destination in the country of South Africa, but it is also one of the most popular destinations on the continent - with its mild, mediterranean climate, natural beauty and infrastructure. Only Loango National Park is as popular among tourists as the Boulders Beach. Cape Town residents have a tendency to feel sorry for those who do not feel lucky to live in their paradise. Their attitude is understandable - Cape Town is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world:

  • mesa, stunning coastline;
  • the mountains, cascading down to the ocean;
  • miles of beach;
  • magnificent valley where under the shadow of the giant oaks there are located wine farm of the 17th century.

In addition to world-class restaurants and ultramodern hotels in Cape Town, the charm of this town appears in the historical buildings of the 18th century, Victorian and Cape-Malay architecture pointing to his past sea route between Europe and Asia.

Table Mountain and stunning beauty of beaches

In addition there is another amazing place close to the penguin beach - Table Mountain. There are other beaches in the world which are popular with tourists thanks to mountains or caves - Praia de Augas Santas or Puerto Valeyard Beach. But Table Mountain is popular because of its shape - its top is a flat plateau surrounded by cliffs. Height of the mountain is 1086 meters above sea level. If you are having a tour to the Cape Town be prepared for the world class entertainment and excellent service, it is worth mentioning the beaches of Cape Town, which is also popular among the locals. Due to the unique geographical position of the city, most of the beaches are just 10 - 50 minute from the center of the city, each with its unusual atmosphere and stunning beauty.