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Matira Beach - the best beach in Bora Bora!

Matira Beach - the best beach in Bora Bora!Matira Beach is an exquisite beach of white sand on the southern part of the island of Bora Bora. When you see this piece of paradise, you will understand why it is the most popular public beach in Bora Bora. It stretches from the hotel Bora Bora (currently closed for renovation) to the beach Matira Beach, which is covered with palm trees and lush green hills. Each side also has bands of private beaches. Here you can find as splendid sand and sea as in world-known Dominican Beach Punta Cana or wonderful Paradise Beach of Maharashtra.

The best place to visit in Bora Bora!

On the east side, there are several four-and five-star resorts of Bora Bora (Pofai Bay) from which you can get a magnificent view of the beach. Le Moana Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort is just across the street. This authentic charm of Polynesia, with easy walking distance to the largest beach and nearby shops and cafes. Luxury Intercontinental Resort & Thalasso Spa has a dock, so that guests can enjoy the lagoon. So hotels here just as comfortable as ones in Las Salinas Beach on Ibiza or Maho Beach in Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

But enough about the hotels, let’s focus on the beach itself. It is usually described as the most beautiful beach in the world; Matira Beach is also pretty popular as it is the only public (as there is a great number of private) beach on the main island, which is worth a visit. It is so great, that it is also listed in the official list of the best places to visit in Bora Bora!

Matira Beach - the best beach in Bora Bora!

Safe and picturesque place for family vacation

We invite everyone to this vast expanse of sand, to have a dip in a fun atmosphere with the natural shade of the palm trees, safe and exciting diving and snorkeling. Here you will never be bored as well as in majestic Piha Beach in New Zealand or stunning Boulders Beach in Africa. If you are traveling with your family, Bora Bora is a great place for kids to swim and play, the shallow water spreads for quite a long distance from the beach, therefore you may be safe for yourself and your family.

Unforgettable sunsets in Matira beach

During low tide, you can get to the beach Matira through the shallows of the barrier reef. Shallow water makes it impossible to sail around the island on a yacht. The western part of this beach is known for its incredibly beautiful sunsets. Here you can really feel difference between artificial resorts like Beach Sigayya or Glass Beach and pure beauty of natural recreation. In Matira Beach you can swim and snorkeled in the afternoon and stayed to watch the glowing orange ball scattered array of colors across the sky. As you observe that you will feel yourself as a part of this big wild nature, this feeling will capture you and not let go until the sun sinks slowly into the lagoon, and you just sit on the sand looking forward into eternity.

Real opportunity to feed an alive shark

The main attraction is the Bora Bora lagoon is its rich marine life, which can be examined by scuba diving or snorkel. The depths of the lagoon are inhabited by barracuda and sharks, which, under the supervision of an instructor are even allowed to be fed. For lovers of wildlife interesting places to visit can also be Cow Beach in India or Spot Beach with pigs in Bahamas.

Matira Beach is a great place for active rest. The most famous attraction for divers is the "way of skates," which is a lagoon area housing many different species of stingrays (among others mantle).

Marvellous walk through the island

The main parts of the island can be explored by all-terrain vehicles. However, the best attractions of the island are known by a walking tour. Vaitape taken from a lot of walking, which for security reasons are always accompanied by a guide. The place contains lots of mysteries and legends, therefore you will never get tired or bored of this amazing place!