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Majestic oasis on Playa de Galpiyuri Beach

Playa de Galpiyuri BeachAs in our understanding beach is usually connected with sea or other source of water that can be seen, and therefore majority of people love to spend time on the beach looking at the endless horizon, enjoying the views and thinking about the infinity of life and waters. Really deep impressions one can get while visiting the longest in the world Coxs Bazar Beach or amazing Malta Golden Bay. Though Playa de Galpiyuri is a unique place in this sense, it is a beach without the sea and even without any other visible sources of water.

Playa de Galpiyuri translates from Spanish as Galpiyuri Beach. It is a small beach in the shape of a seashell, located in the middle of grassy meadows near Llanes, a small town in the northern part of the central coast of Spain. The beach is not big and is located about 100 meters from the sea and it would seem to have no possible connections with it. But it is actually linked with the sea through a network of old underground caves, through which the water runs and feeds this small bay. Therefore it is truly a beach without the sea, well, without a visible sea, as the source of the water is still the located nearby sea. 

Playa de Galpiyuri Beach

Wonderful oasis next to water

You will not see here along the shore numerous ocean waves, but instead you will be able to enjoy your rest near a beautiful oasis surrounded by amazing cliffs and lots of greenery. However, there are very often seen decent waves not only in high winds, but when the water of the Bay of Biscay starts flowing faster and with greater strength through a network of underground caves. Nature here reminds unforgettable national park in Croatia - Plitvice Lakes.

Perfect place for safe swimming

Despite the fact that the beach is just a little over of 40 meters in its length, here it is possible to feel the real ebb and flow. Playa de Galpiyuri Beach is quite different from another famous Spanish resort - glamorous Las Salinas Beach in Ibiza. This unusual beach is hidden among the high hills of Spain a few hundred meters from the sea. Natural body of water is connected to the tunnels to the sea, so the water is not stagnant here and is safe for swimming.

Unforgettable natural miracle

The Gulpiyuri beach is located north of the village of Naves, halfway between Ribadesella and Llanes (Asturias, Spain) and is declared a natural monument. The place cannot be reached by car or even with the scooter; you have to walk to this piece of paradise on Earth. You should walk from the beach of San Antolin or from Ships. Its isolation has allowed the relatively good preservation of this small and delicate natural jewel. The depth and size of the water zone allows you only to soak lying, but it is well protected from the wind. Playa de Galpiyuri Beach is not suitable for surfing unlike Piha Beach or Artificial Sigayya Beach.

How can God create wonders?

The history of creation of Playa de Galpiyuri Beach features a fully natural story. This small beach located inland among agricultural green pastures is a natural wonder. In a steep coast sea limestone was created a cave on the inwards side and the back of the cave collapsed, (a phenomenon known as sinkhole), leaving a small circular hole about 50 m in diameter at 100 m from the coast.