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Unique Barking Sands in Hawaii

Barking SandsOn the island of Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian archipelago, there is a place with one of the most unique beaches of the world. Presence here is as memorable as visiting wonderful Playa de Galpiyuri  Beach or  majestic Matira Beach. "What is the uniqueness of this place?" - you may ask. In addition to the incredible scenery, this beach literally "barks" and unknowingly at first you might think that the Hawaiian coast is full with a whole pack of dogs.

Though the secret is a little more interesting that you might imagine, the beach sand is full of the special types of quartz grains that have spaces between them. And it is because of them the sand gives out this unusual sound, which is very similar to a barking dog. Besides the beach, there is another feature - it is used as a base for launching military rockets belonging to the United States. So You won't be here so lonely as being in Indian Paradise Beach or visiting picturesque Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Barking Sands

Answer to the enigma of Roaring Sands

Barking Sands or Roaring Sands as they are also usually called are located on the west coast of Kauai, Hawaii, near Mana placed parallel to the coast. They are unique because they are composed of sand and brought by water and blown by the wind fragments of shells and corals. Under the microscope (or hand lens) you can actually see the parts of shells and coral. Most of the other singing sands in the world are made up only of quartz sand grains.

Recreation in the neighborhood of military installation

The total length of the beach 17 kilometers and it is fully open to the public, therefore you can freely spend a good and interesting as well as fun day at the beach with your family, enjoying the sun, water and also bringing up your mood with barking sounds of the sand. Barking Beach is not so long as famous Coxs Bazar Beach. Besides we must say, that not whole 17 kilometers are that easily accessible. As the United States military forces have their special base there, the majority of the coast is now under their authority. Though for the sake of the tourists, one part of the coast with the unique sand was specially made as the touristic location. Though you might try to also fight for your right for more area of the beach, as the state law of Hawaii says that all the beaches of the state are considered public, but we would not advice you to mess around with the military services of the country.

The road to Barking Beach

If you decided to visit this unique location, the way won't be as challenging as the road to Maya Bay or Puerto Valeyard beach. In Hawaii you will need to rent a car and go along with following route:

  1. The way starts from Waimea, the area on the south coast of the Hawaii coast Kauai.
  2. There you should better take the 50th Highway and ride all the way to the end of the paved portion of the road.
  3. Though after that you will have to take the dirt road and on the first turn just go left.
  4. After that in couple of minutes you will find the Barking Sands beach.

We would also advice you not to stay that long there, as the military facility and the road conditions may make it quite hard to leave the place quickly and easily without any unwanted adventures.