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Disappearing Beach Chandipur

Beach ChandipurToday for another amazing and very unusual beach we are going to India. There is a place in India where the nature itself is ready to reveal its secrets and offer you an amazing place and experience. Oris beach in India having its own name Beach Chandipur is a truly amazing place, which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. This place of rest is also unlike other Indian resorts - Paradise Beach of Maharashtra or Cow Beach. Chandipur beach is there, but at the same time it is not, even though this might sound pretty absurd, but it is the most appropriate description of this beach. The thing is that twice a day, the beach on the Bay of Bengal disappears under water. And at low tide you can easily walk on the sea floor, collecting crabs and sea shells …

Amazing place for relaxing vocation

Chandipur is a small, humble village not far from the Oris. It is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. On the Chandipur beach there are only a few hotels, a few restaurants and shops where they sell souvenirs. Just 2 km from Chandipur is a fishing village, where you can buy freshly caught fish or just watch the fishermen go to sea. During low tide, the beach Chandipur stretches as much as for almost 5 km from the coastal line and reminds with it's beauty fantastic Piha Beach and marvelous Cabo de Gata Beach. Chandipur has a smooth entry into the water, making it convenient for families with children, and a small number of tourists, who decided to have a quiet and relaxing vacation.

Beach Chandipur

Great chance to stay alone with untouched nature

Infrastructure is pretty poor here, therefore if you want an all inclusive rest at the sea shore, you should probably choose other places, like Malta Golden Bay or Las Salinas Beach. Though lovers of wild nature and also the manifestations of its greatest wonders can choose this beach for their holiday and you will not be disappointed. It is pretty amazing to have a walk on the sand that couple of hours ago was fully covered with water and find different shell and other small sea creatures left on the sand.

Enchantment of flood and ebb

During the low tide you can have very adventurous and interesting time here, playing with children and relaxing on the sand, but be careful, as the water comes up really fast, so once you see that water is getting closer and closer, make sure to take your kids to a safe place. The place is filled with untouched mystery of nature and also small local villages that add a very unique atmosphere to this place. This natural miracle is absolutely different from human-made resorts - Crosby Beach or Sigayya Beach.

Local fishermen are very friendly and polite, if you would be quite they may even allow you to come to fishing with them and will let you sit near and watch how the majestic waters of the place are slowly taking back the power of the place, embracing everything it had left couple of hours ago to simply lie on the sand.

Findings ashore

The place is very rich for the sea life as well as Mission Beach and Loango National Park. Once the water go away you can walk along the line and collect the crabs and everything else that waters tried to keep to it. The place is not that easily accessible as there are no public signs that will let you know how to get to this place, but every local man will for sure be happy to help you get this amazing beach. So if you want to have a small sea adventure time, make sure to add Chandipur beach in India to your ‘must visit’ list.