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Shining fairy tale of Glass Beach in California

Glass Beach in CaliforniaThis great place is known already across the country and is usually called a new wonder of the world, which was created with the help of the nature and the industrial influence. Beauty of this place impresses not less than unusual sand of Papakolea Beach or mysterious Kelimutu Lakes. Once you get into this place, you will not realize that once originally this place was a local dump.

Glass Beach is an amazing place, everywhere you will look your sight will catch thousands of sparkling stones, shimmering in the light of the bright sun ... The abundance of colors will make you feel like in a fairy tale, though this is not a story of Scheherazade, and not a new or old wonder the modern of the world. It is an amazingly beautiful beach, studded with stones, shimmering and glittering in the sun, like gems. Here you can feel both power of God and human the same as in Artificial Beach Sigayya. This place is located in one of the most interesting places of California, the U.S., the National Park MakKerriher, situated near the town of Fort Bragg. Second such beach is found nowhere on the Earth, and in order to copy such a place one will need dozens of years. Instead of pebbles the beach is covered with polished pieces of colored glass: green, orange, brown, blue and white. Glare glass pebbles glitter under the water and on the shore and with the bright sunshine create a fantastic atmosphere.

Glass Beach in California

The history of Glass Beach

The origin of the Glass Beach is very trivial. This place is very far removed from natural miracles like majestic Champagne Beach, cosy Cow Beach or virgin Maya Bay. The history of Glass Beach is absolutely different. Until the end of the sixties of the 20th century, local residents considered this place as a dump, and therefore were usually throwing garbage here including glass, cars and old appliances and other. However, in the end, in 1967 the municipality of the city banned the use of the coast as a dumping ground. From that time special cleaning works were repeatedly held:

  • old equipment and vehicles were taken away, including other garbage that wasn’t dissolved by the wind;
  • water and sand, though the minor glass pieces and other derbies were left.

The grinding glass pieces were washed by the sea, during the day and night waves grinded the pieces of glass, making them smooth and giving the neat shape. From the end of the 80-ies of the 20th century, this beach has become extremely popular among tourists. Despite one can't find here untouched nature like in Cabo de Gata Beach or Praia de Augas Santas, Glass Beach is still very popular.

How to get souvenirs from the unique beach?

Today it is a local landmark and the picturesque place of the city.  Nowadays, to admire the view of the works of the nature and people, tourists come from different countries. The national park MakKerriher does not allow the visitors to keep any of the glass pebbles as souvenirs. Even though this fact is somewhat irritating and sad for the tourists, who would like to have something like this at their homes to remind them about the unseen beauty of the beach, but the flow of willing to look at a new wonder of the world still remains really high. Though the most willing people can buy various souvenirs made by local craftsmen from pieces of smooth glass, especially made for sale.

Amazing place on the shining sea coast

So if you want to enjoy the great place, that is a mixture of the flow of time, strength of nature and also the work of people, you should for sure visit Glass Beach in a national park MakKerriher State Park near the town of Fort Bragg, California.