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Iron men from Crosby beach in England

Beach Crosby in EnglandThe beach Crosby located in England is a place of a modern landscape installation, which features one hundred of iron sculptures tall as a human and weighting about 650 kilograms each. Antony Gormley created and installed on the beach of Crosby, that can be found to the north of Liverpool, England in the year 2006. Now this unusual place looks as magnificent as natural miracles - Maya Bay or colored lakes Kelimutu.

The composition in the beach consists of 100 cast-iron figures facing towards the sea. They are located on a long coastal line with the length 3.2 kilometers (2 miles). The height of each statue is 189 cm, thus making the place look like a real-life real-human art installation. The statues were made from iron in steel mills of Halifax and West Bromwich. When the sea level becomes higher the statues, some partially, some completely immerse into the sea. The artistic installation of the beach Crosby has a name “Another Place” and by its uniqueness attracts lots of tourists, though, as you can imagine, swimming here is forbidden. So if You look for calm rest in a sandy beach, Barking Sands in Hawaii or Hot Water Beach in New Zealand can be better choice.

Beach Crosby in England

Long way to Crosby

Initially, the project "another place" was created in 1997, and traveled to Europe. At various times, the statues were installed on the beaches of Cuxhaven (Germany), Stavanger (Norway), De Panna (Belgium). In 2005, Antony Gormley has received permission for the installation of sculptures near Liverpool for 16 months, then the composition was going to be transported to New York, but several British art funds, together with sculptor approached the municipality with a request to leave the statues on a permanent basis in Merseyside. In March 2007, it was decided to leave the statues for the beach Crosby. Now this place is absolutely different from both natural beaches and human-made resorts like Glass Beach or Sigayya Beach.


Dramatic stories of iron sculptures

Now “another place” is the most unusual place on the beach to the north of Liverpool. One of the stories behind these statues talks about the men going to drown in the waters of the sea. One by one these men are going towards their death. Each statue has a unique number code on the hand. Even though this quite depressing story is just a suggestion of the installation, the hole place looks pretty dramatic and sorrowful, especially in the bad weather, when these men are obediently standing against the wind and rain. So if you have family vacation with kids, they will have more fun in Big Major Spot Beach or Boulders Beach.

Good idea for remarkable photos

Crosbybeach is not made for swimming, though special paths allow tourists to see this unique place. It is recommended to stay at least 50 meters from the sea, as the waters here are quite strong and aggressive. Some of the last statues that are placed on the shore and on a quite big distance to the sea are also available for the photos.There is another great place to take photos in England - Jurassic Coast with ancient fossils.