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Wonders of Artificial Beach Sigayya

Artificial beaches are becoming more and more popular all over the world. They can be seen in Monaco, Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, Rotterdam, Toronto and other cities around the world, but the largest and most prominent is the ocean dome Sigayya in Japan.

Ocean Dome Sigayya is part of the Japanese resort Sheraton Seagaia Resort, extending for 300 meters in length and 100 meters width. Here is located also an artificial volcano, that from time to time spits flames; the beach also features an artificial sand, artificial palm trees and the world's largest retractable glass roof that can provide a blue sky overhead, even in a very rainy day. The air temperature is always maintained at 30 degrees Celsius, and the water temperature is 28 degrees. Sigayya Beach has better facilities than most of other human-created resorts, like unusual Glass Beach in California or  Crosbybeach in England.

Artificial paradise

The Japanese know how to surprise. It would seem that Japan is an island country, surrounded on all sides by the ocean, therefore sun, sea waves; warm sand can be found almost everywhere, what a beauty! But it seemed not enough for Japanese, and they built an artificial ocean beach, that is also now the largest in the world! Under a glass dome the beach can accommodate 10,000 tourists at the same time. The total area of the place is about 6 football fields, therefore you can already imagine what kind of an amazing structure this complex is. At the nearby beach you can:

  • sunbathe by the man-made sun,
  • listen to live parrots,
  • surf, not giving any attention to the rain outside its walls.

Being in artificial beach tourists can enjoy as picturesque landscapes as while visiting beautiful natural resorts like famous Dominican Beach Punta Cana or pure McKenzie Lake Beach. When the weather is warm and sunny, clear dome opens, offering the people to enjoy the real sun. Moreover, you can imagine that this place is free of wind, therefore even though you might think that the weather is too cold, but the sun is very strong, then here you will be able to sunbath without freezing yourself.

Wonders of human-made beach

The creators tried to replicate the real beach in every possible sense. Though, however, one cannot simply ignore the technical progress of the place, as it seems like a futuristic resort, filled with the new high-tech, providing you with all the wonders of the engineers and developers of the world. Beach goers are surrounded by the artificial palm trees, rocky shores, and for children there are a few small pools where kids can splash around under adult supervision. Creators of the «Ocean Dome» did not stop there and put a copy of an active volcano, which is showing activity every 15 minutes, every hour simulating the eruption (the volcano produces flames). At this time, artificially raised incredible waves go through the whole “ocean”, resulting in the admiration of many surfers, looking forward to this moment. Any way surfing here is much more safe than active rest in unpredictable Piha Beach in New Zeland or Chineese Papakolea Beach.

The secrets of Sigayya's populatity

«Ocean Dome» is located in the southern island Kuyshu, 1500 km from the capital of Japan. It would seem that it must be far away from the coast of the ocean. But no, it is found about 300 m far from the shore, which can be reached in a few minutes. Why is an artificial beach so attractive to tourists?

There are several reasons:

  1. the weather is good always;
  2. you cannot get a sunburn,
  3. no pesky insects;
  4. the water in the "ocean" is free-salined;
  5. one can get perfect surfing.

On the three-meter waves one can surf all year round, there is no risk to meet a shark or poisonous inhabitants of the ocean. Therefore, despite the relatively high cost of tickets (about $ 50), the artificial beach is always full of international and local tourists.Many wealthy people even prefer Artificial Beach Sigayya to other expensive and popular resorts like comfortable Malta Golden Bay or the most facionable in the world Las Salinas Beach on Ibiza.

This complex was opened in 1993, and the maximum number of visitors was recorded in 1995, when Sigayya visited around 1.25 million people a year.