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Famed in legends boulders from Koekohe Beach

Koekohe Beach in New Zealand"Long ago, the once-powerful gods liked to play different games. The most interesting was the one in which many of the gods could play at the same time... " These are the first words of the legend of the great and magnificent beach Koekohe, located in New Zealand.

Perhaps the game that is mentioned in the legend was a ball game...  And the broken and unneeded ones are now found in the Koekohe beach. These today lie lonely along the line of the coast in the city of Otago in New Zealand, in the place located between settlements of Moeraki and Hampden South Island of New Zealand. There is one more place in the world with huge nature-created bouldres - Bowling Balls Beach in California.
Stone eggs, boulders, spherical boulders - which only words people use to describe these amazing natural features! But these big spherically shaped stones are truly a spectacular view of the beach that is worth your attention.

There are many explanations of their origin that can suit every taste, the choice is huge: game gadget for gods (the one that you have heard at the beginning), long-extinct dinosaur eggs; fragments of ancient UFO of the not earthly civilizations; washed ashore after a shipwreck large sailing canoe remnants of pumpkins and baskets for catching eels.

Koekohe Beach in New Zealand

How nature creates miracles?

But scientists are saying about the nature of these stones and will tell you the mysterious words "nodule", "zheodan" and "septaria." All of these terms are explained by the petrographic formation of such a huge, almost perfectly spherical boulders cemented by the natural grained sediment around some center-grains that are used as "seeds." Then all sediments are compacted into a rock, enlarging the boulders, and were polished by sea sand and water, and in the end were washed ashore in order to enable people to assess the ability and patience of the true creator – the nature. Any way stone eggs in Koekohe Beach impress not less than other famous natural wonders - Barking Sands in Hawaii, Panjin Red Beach in China or Loango National Park in Africa. 

The largest natural boulders in the world

And patience to create these nodules should be truly superhuman, because their growth comes very slowly, some define the age of the stone balls in the tens of millions of years, those who are more modest - at least four million. These stones can be found in different places of the world, but New Zealand Moeraki boulders are the largest. Koekohe Beach is absolutely different from comfortable human-made resorts like Japanese artificial Sigayya Beach or aggressive beach Crossby in England.

Even though you might think that it is nothing majestic, but when you come to this amazing beach and walk through these giants, you can truly experience the might and power of the nature, its eternity and the force of time. Among these boulders you can feel yourself just as another small grain of sand. The best time to visit this place is during the low tide, when water seems to just run away from these big stones.

Stones with different spirits

Every boulder has it's own nature:

  • dark, wet, slippery, ones are absolutely smooth and spherical;
  • rough, like a turtle shell, large and self-contained;
  • some of the stones are cracked, like overripe melons, revealing a cavity inside their colorful granular womb.

By the way, one more pretentious title of the crystal giants is the "watermelons of Elijah the prophet."

But no matter what explains the emergence of the phenomenon of stone Moeraki, no one can remain indifferent to this place. Every tourist who will travel to this place will find it majestic to lie on the sand near these big boulders. You swim near them, run near them and can even walk on those. You will return to the child's perception of the world. There is no doubt in Koekohe Beach it is possible to feel God's splendour as clearly as in Praia de Augas Santas and mysterious Kelimutu Lakes.