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Virgin beauty of Loango National Park

Loango National ParkLoangoNational Park is located in the west of Gabon. This conservation area was created in 2002 to protect the variety of coastal lagoon Iguéla ecosystems. The present borders of Loango National Park include the terrain of 1,550 km ² and include the typical West African natural inhabitant of the biocenose. So friendly environment for animals you can't find even in Spot Beach in Bahamas or Cow Beach in India. On one side of the park there is a lagoon Nkomi, and on the other - Ndogo.

Amazing nature and rich wildlife

Originally conservation area near Loango appeared in 1956. Only in 2002 here was created the National Park, the fact is that in 2002, the entire list of protected areas in Gabon was revised. To the increase of the protected area of the country in every way contributed the president of Gabon, Omar Bongo Ondimba. As a result, the boundaries of the latter-day 13 parks of Gabon were fenced about 10% of the total land area. Loango National Park is one of the most beautiful protected areas in the country. Moreover on the territory of the park are located some local indigenous population.

Loango National Park is sufficiently been investigated by naturalist Mike Feyom. The emphasis in the research of the scientists is the abundance of hippos in the park. These majestic African animals are found throughout the park, which, in turn, includes the following natural systems: savannas, clean beaches, forests and mangroves. Their home found here the other African mammals, such as: elephant, buffalo, gorillas, leopards and other. 



Stunning Boulders Beach: penguin, Table Mountain and perfect service

Boulders BeachWhom did you not expect to see during a visit to the African country, its penguins. In Big Major Spot Beach you can meet pigs, Cow Beach is considered as the haven for cows, but beach with penguins is impossible to find anywhere else. A huge population of these funny birds is settled on Boulders Beach near Cape Town, the capital of the country. Penguins at Boulders Beach appeared in late 1982. Amazingly, but at first here lived only two breeding pairs. For a few years penguin population has increased by almost a thousand times, and today there are more than 3,000 individuals. Not the least role to help this was played by the elimination of the located near factories involved in the supply of sardines and anchovies, which are the main menu items in the diet of penguins.

Rules of conduct with penguin

Today Boulders beach is very popular with tourists. In this case, it is forbidden to approach the birds closer than a few meters. And it is not a wonder, local people has made very big efforts to keep the birds here, and therefore any interference of humans, even with no bad intentions can harm the species and the penguins. However, the penguins themselves are now pretty calm even near humans and not fear approaching them themselves. Such environment is not possible to find even in very expensive and popular resorts like Mission Beach or Malta Golden Bay.